expulsion of adam and eve from eden

Masaccio’s painting “Expulsion of Adam & Even from Eden” was painted between 1421 and 1427 and is now located in Brancacci Chapel, Santa Maria del Carmine, Florence, Italy. I believe that this painting focuses on humanism because it shows and tells the story of Adam and Eve. Masaccio was able to show so much emotion in this painting, you can see and feel what Adam and Eve are going through.

Above Adam and Eve is the angel who God sent to escort them out of the Garden. I like how when looking at the angel you can see the disappointment and anger she has with Adam and Eve  for disobeying God by her facial expression and her sword.

I really enjoyed this piece of art because it some what speaks to you, you just want to say why? why did you tempt temptation? why did you betray God?  I like the fact how you can really see the emotion in Adam and Eve’s faces. Adam has his face down showing his regret and Eve with her head up, mouth open and somewhat slouched down you can just hear her saying please don’t do this.