Non-Western part 2

Pierre Bodo
Inconvenance sexeulle (2003)
Acrylic on canvas
 I choose this painting because how unusual it looks. Pierre Bodo did an amazing job of putting this painting together, one really has to look at the detail to see the whole view of things. If you look at the men in the painting there noses almost look like the birds positioned behind the man in white. My favorite part of the painting has to be how the giraffe and monkey are both holding a piece of paper. Bodo did an amazing job with color and detail, if you look at the birds chest the colors flow together or how the color changes on the elephant based on the lighting in the painting. The artist Pierre Bodo was born in Mandu, Democratic Republic of Congo and currently lives and works in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. He is one of the founders of the Zaire school of popular painting. Bodo is an amazing painter and paints what he wants, “I express everything that happens to me so that I am no longer focused on specifically African topics and can address myself to the entire world.”


One thought on “Non-Western part 2

  1. The description you provided of the painting drew more of my attention into the piece. I probably would’ve missed the detail of the men’s noses looking like birds. I like Pierre Bodo’s use of color in his work. The quote at the end of your post completes the blog. Great job!

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