I choose the artistic style called tromp-l’oeil which is an art technique which causes an object or the painting to become an optical illusion and look like it is in three dimensional. My favorite type of art that goes along with this technique is called street art. Street art is done by extremely talented artist who instead of working in an art studio they go out on the streets and start creating master pieces for everyone to enjoy.

Julian Beever is an amazing artist who has created amazing optical illusions in more than 28 countries in the world with just chalk. Julian Beever was born in the United Kingdom and attended art school at Leeds Polytechnic in the United Kingdom as well during 1979-1983. I had a hard time finding the dates of Beevers art because he doesn’t document them all but I wanted to use Beevers art because after looking at different artist he has to be my favorite.

Meeting Mr. Frog, Salamanca, Spain

Swimming Pool In the High Street Glasgow, Scotland
The drawings above is the Swimming Pool In The High Street. The drawing on the bottom just shows you the drawing from a different angel often called the “wrong side” because it doesn’t give you the optical illusion.

Wheel of Fortune, Santiago, Chile

All three drawings above relate to the style of art called tromp-l’oeil because they give you an optical illusion that the image is 3-D when in reality the image is 2-D.

Tracy Lee Stum is an astonishing artist she is in the Guiness World Record book for creating the largest piece of street art by on person, she also created the very first 3-D chalk art mural.  Tracy was born in Pennsylvania and went to school at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and then continued on at Florence Academy of Art in Italy. Tracy has won numerous awards for her artistic abilities.

‘The Last Supper’ chalk painting by Tracy Lee Stum The Da Vinci Code and The Last Supper, Trump Tower New York, 2006

2010 Olympic Winter Games, Vancouver, B.C.
The three pictures above are all part of the mural from the Olympic games.


April 2013 Let’s Party 





2 thoughts on “Street Art

  1. Very impressive choices when it comes to 2D art looking like 3D art. My favorites were those of Julian Beever. I ran into a similar problem about not having documented dates for the artist I chose as well. I’m not sure if this has to do with the fact that their work is more recent. Also, The Davinci Code and The Last Supper is amazing. That would have been a sight in person!

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