Early Modern

Early Modern art is a very unique an wonderful type of art, the way artist let their mind unwind and painted their unconscious thoughts is beautiful. I had a hard time choosing which piece of art to use because there all very unique and the styles changes so much, personally my favorite is I and the Village by Marc Chagall, however I am going to choose a painting from the Harlem Renaissance because I find it to be such a ground breaking event for African Americans.
The Harlem Renaissance was a cultural movement between 1920-1930, during this movement middle class African Americans migrated north to New York City one of these people being Palmer Hayden. Palmer Hayden is a famous painter from the Harlem Renaissance, during his younger years he studied at the Cooper Union in New York City and later practiced independent studies at Boothbay Art Colony in Maine. Palmer focused most of his work on the African-American experience. A lot of his paintings were focused on the urban background in New York City. The body of Hayden’s paintings consisted of watercolors and oils

Palmer Hayden, Jeunesse, Collection Dr. Meredith F. Sirmans, New York

I choose Palmer Hayden’s painting Jeunesse, the date of this painting is unknown but it is part of Dr. Meredith F. Sirman’s Collection. I choose this painting because from what I saw if was different than any others of the Harlem Renassisance. I really liked how happy every one was, the couple in the middle is just dancing away it almost looks like there swing dancing and then if you look in the background all the couples are slow dancing. This painting is significant to the influence of African Americans because it represents jazz music, jazz music was a huge part of African American life in Harlem, considering it came from the influences of Africa.





2 thoughts on “Early Modern

  1. I enjoy the painting you chose. It marks a very important time in our countries history. The style is beautiful. I agree with you about the expressions of the people. I love that they seem as if they are thoroughly happy. I do think that most people dancing are happy about it though. It is a release no matter what culture you are in. I really enjoy the difference in position between the couple dancing and the rest of the dancers. The shadows on the wall are also great. It makes me wonder if the people in the shadows are supposed to illustrate previous moves or if there are dancers we can not see.

  2. I like this painting because it portrays the exciting presence of the Harlem Renaissance during the time of such significant strides in Art and society. It would have been so amazing to live there during that time. This painting also rejects tradition as it embraces and glorifies a contemporary and fun style of dancing that embraced and fueled the style of the harlem Renaissance.

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