Impressionism art came into play during the 1800’s, it was considered to be a form of rebellion against the established artistic standards of the Academie des Beaux-Arts. Impressionism art was different than any other style of art that had come before hand, impressionism artist didn’t focus on traditional subject matter such as history, religion, or classical antiquites, they focused on landscape and contemporary life, color, and light.

Impressionism art is unique. I wouldn’t say that it is my favorite style of art however I do enjoy it. I really enjoy how most of the paintings are based outdoors and artist would repaint the same images over and over because of the different lighting.   For example, Monet’s series paintings of The Houses of Parlaiment, in this series there are three different paintings all done at a different part of the day so you can see how the light effects each aspect of the building.


House of Parliment 1903,                                                                     House of Parliment Sun breaking
London                                                                                                     through the clouds, 1904, London

House of Parliment 1905 London

Unlike a lot of artist from previous era’s, Mary Cassatts paintings were of mother and child. Other eras had multiple paintings of women and children but now how Mary Cassatt was capable of capturing them. Cassatt was capable of showing the love and affection between a mother and her child.

Horse Chestnut 1895, Mary Cassatt          Jan Van Eyck The Madonna in the Church, 1438
impressionism                                                     The Renaissance

This is the best I could find of a woman and a child from both impressionism art and renaissance art. But as you can see in Mary Cassatt’s painting she shows the love and affection the mother gives to her child, you can tell that they are both happy and almost as if they don’t know this painting is being done. The mother is not posed and is from a lower class most likely middle. On the right you see The Madonna in the Church this painting was painted during the Renaissance by Jan Van Eyck. If you look at this painting you can tell the woman is obviously royalty but besides that the painting is rather dark and inside. The woman in this painting isn’t showing much love and affection toward the child, she’s posed and ready for the painter to begin.

So all in all I enjoy Impressionism art and how they focus on the light and color rather than the object in there painting. Along with that how they paint more middle class than royalty, you get to experience what the middle class did on any given day whether it was interacting with there children, walking around, or sitting at a table with a group of friends.

Luncheon of the Boating Party 1881 August Renoir


2 thoughts on “Impressionism

  1. Nice work i really liked how you compared the different paintings of the same subject matter in different parts of the day. This illustrates impressionism very well. You could go more into depth with the differences between impressionism and postimpressionism.

  2. I thought your comparisons of mother and child showed a great contrast between the two works. Personally, I was not entirely fond of the Impressionist style,although I can appreciate the techniques knowing the artists learned to depict vivid landscapes, elements of weather and daytime events by reversed method from working on a dark background and adding prismatic colors to working on a light background and adding in color. Of course, the change in artist brush strokes and the invention of tin tubes all help play a role in this new style of painting. Check out my blog and see more on my views of Impression.

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