Baroque Era

pozzoignatiusceilingFra Andrea Pozzo, Glorification of Saint Ignatius 

I chose to analysis Fra Andrea Pozzo painting Glorification of Saint Ignatius. This painting is done on the ceiling in the nave of Sant’Ignazio, Rome, 1691-1694. Pozzo was a lay brother of the Jesuit order, which was formed after the Protestants Reformation by the Council of Trent. The Jesuit order was founded based on absolute Obedience by St. Ignatius of Loyola. So it’s a no wonder that Pozzo was the one to paint this beautiful piece of art.

 Pozzo painting is used to introduce the High Baroque style with it’s limitless space, energy, restless motions, dynamic mass, and blast open ceilings. The figures in this painting are rushing upwards towards the heavens. In particular you see Saint Ignatius being welcomed at the gates of heaven from Christ himself. 

I chose this painting mainly because it is an illusionist ceiling, how artist were able to paint these still amazes me. I liked how Pozzo made it look like everyone was doing something, like the painting is in constant motion. along with that he did and amazing job his use of color and how you would interpret going into heaven. Towards the bottom of the painting the figures are darker almost like they are unsure or the angels are keeping them away and as you get closer to the top everything gets lighter and you can finally see the entrance to Heaven with Christ standing there to great you.






4 thoughts on “Baroque Era

  1. I appreciated you providing background history on Pozzo. This work is amazing to look at with all the detail, colors, and action taking place in the work. I definitely agree with you that illusionist ceilings are amazing artwork. The idea that a piece of art can obscure the reality of the location of the ceiling to the ground is unbelievable.

  2. I am glad that you identified this painting style as “high” Baroque style, because the style looks very different from earlier pieces of the Baroque era. I might even say that it resembles classical style. The art styles seem to overlap a bit from era to era.

    Pozzo was a true master of Fresco. Your post actually inspired me to look up some of his other works and I was impressed. He has done many Frescos and all flawless.

    I really enjoyed your post. You did a good job and the writing was very substantive.

    Frank A. Jordano

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